shutterstock_153784166Adding dimensions to your home by making it attractive can be done by transforming your patio into a pergola. Doing the proper homework is a must, before starting this elaborate work of installing pergola on your patio in San Antonio. People with limited budgets can find a suitable alternative by getting custom made pergolas.


Basics of Pergolas

Deciding the pergola type is a must and you must know a few more factors while planning to transform your San Antonio patio into a pergola:

  • Size: Measure the area you wish to dedicate to a pergola. This is essential as the pergola price is proportional to its size and it helps with your budget factors.
  • Shade: Pergola designs come with a lot or little shade. You can increase shade by using vine plants, if necessary.
  • Materials: The materials are significant. Limited budget people can opt for vinyl and for smaller pieces opt for aluminum pergolas.
  • Shape: Decide the shape as it varies based on the area to cover. However, extensions are available to modify the shape.


Custom designed Pergolas

There are a lot of pergolas available with custom designs. The space of your patio that is not in an average shape, size or dimension can also be utilized properly. Even slender, narrow and rather long, wide or short areas can be taken advantage of. This is because the custom designed pergolas allow homeowners to create a beautiful living space and also offer enough protection and coverage from other elements. The custom designed pergolas are like porches or terraces requiring some covering.


Traditional Pergolas

The traditional pergolas may be made new with new transparent roofing materials such as transparent covers, Plexiglas sheets and glass panels. These make excellent patio covers. The Plexiglas sheets offer the desired protection from direct sunlight and rain without heating the pergola sitting area.

There are complete transparent covers that also offer the required protection and also suit traditional styles. The glass panels can be used in open areas that are far from the reach of fruits or tree branches. In fact, the glass panels are strong to serve as pergola cover or patio covers.


Roofing Materials

The roofing materials to be used may include pergola roofing materials so that it is a permanent roofing material and is also durable. You can use fabric deck pergola covers so that the life of your outdoor furniture is extended. It is easier to use it as outdoor kitchens and this fabric covering protects from ultraviolet rays. In fact, installing or changing the pergola roof is easier and there are different roofing materials available to suit different occasions.

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