shutterstock_193284302Decks are ideal home improvements to any household. They offer families with an additional place to enjoy during days or evenings with each other’s company. Children can use a deck as a play area. Since decks are located outside, the quality of the deck gets affected easily by the natural elements of weather. Moreover, as a lot of money and effort is involved into the deck making, it needs to be maintained properly so that it lasts for a long time. So, to make the San Antonio decks last longer and look better they must be maintained properly. Weather intrusion is a crucial hazard to the building’s structural integrity. This is because it penetrates the surface and decays slowly. The exterior decks waterproofing system is a must to protects these exterior decks. These steps can be followed, regardless of whether the deck is at your home or is your commercial deck.


Waterproof the deck foundations


A deck waterproofing system can be installed during the construction so that there is no seeping through fresh deck structures. In the initial stage, deck foundations can be waterproofed to be safe later. The waterproofing system is a time-driven need. Check for signs of damage and repair it at the earliest. Waterproofing coatings must be performed by San Antonio deck builders to ascertain they are done as per the specifications of the manufacturer.


Clean the deck before waterproofing


Decks must be cleaned so that the accumulated debris and dirt is removed from the surface. This should be done before applying the waterproofing system. Using a hose helps in pressure washing and ensures removing of tightly-lodged particles. Also, check the decks regularly for leaks and ensure the decks are not exposed to water frequently. This helps in maintaining the coatings in good condition.


Choose appropriate waterproofing products


The waterproofing products must be appropriate to meet the specific requirements. San Antonio deck builders must be consulted for waterproofing coatings and using specific products for wood, steel, concrete and other types of surfaces. The coating choice depends on the need to withstand heavy volume loads and offer waterproofing protection, thereby helping the aesthetics. The deck must be cleaned using appropriate solutions, following a thorough rinse.


Follow the product instructions


The waterproofing material must be done as per the product instructions. Proper tools such as rollers or brushes must be used. Moreover it is a must to follow the deck builders recommended instructions and allow drying time. Restrict foot or vehicle traffic in the deck area to ensure a full cure of your deck.


Ensure longevity on your San Antonio decks by hiring professional deck builders. The professional assistance is required as theses experts have knowledge about the techniques and tools to offer quality waterproofing solutions.

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