nice gazeboSo you want to get a gazebo in your yard to give your kids a nice place to play or to sit outside and enjoy a game of cards on a warm evening?

Where do you start? You’ll want to hire a contractor, but why spend money on a gazebo when you don’t know what type of design you want?

Are there different styles of gazebos to choose from? Of course!

Let’s a take a look at the most common gazebo types to make sure you choose the right one for your yard.


Aluminum Gazebos

Aluminum gazebos are typically designed for homeowners to quickly and easily set up themselves. Aluminum gazebos are not always the most sturdy options compared to steel or wood, but they are easy to set up and move around. If you plan on moving in the future and want to bring the gazebo with you go for an aluminum option.


Wood Gazebos

Wood gazebos are the most common gazebos since they are durable and they don’t take long to assemble. The main reason most homeowners and business owners choose wood is because it’s more beautiful than metal. Most contractors use durable wood such as cedar or redwood, making the gazebos last for a very long time. Wood gazebos don’t require much maintenance, but you may want to put some sort of sealant down to protect it from weather.


Vinyl Gazebos

Vinyl gazebos are designed for homeowners who want to bring their gazebo with them when they move to another home. It’s also nice for people who live in areas with inclement weather. If the winter is coming you can easily take it down and store it for the season. Vinyl gazebos are easy to setup and they provide decent protection from the elements.

If you have a problem with the location of your gazebo, just move it without any problems. The only downside of vinyl gazebos is that they don’t look nearly as nice as wood gazebos. They also don’t offer the durability of other options such as steel or wood.


Steel Gazebos

If you need a gazebo that lasts a long time get a steel gazebo. Although this option is typically the most expensive it works well for commercial or public parks and facilities. Steel gazebos are also difficult to move, so if you plan on modifying it or moving it to another place you might be better off with a different option.

These gazebos are developed with some steel and some other materials such as wood or aluminum.


Now it’s your turn to let us know your opinion in the comments section. Tell us about your experience with your gazebo. Do you have a gazebo already or are you currently shopping for one? Share with everyone.

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