shutterstock_247053145Are you updating the landscaping of your backyard and want to incorporate water into the design? Great idea. The beauty of water in landscapes is that it can fit any type of look you’re going for. You can use water to turn your backyard into a modern oasis, a peaceful Zen garden, or a magical fairyland. It’s all up to you! Here are a few elements of using water in landscaping that you won’t want to neglect.


No two fountains are alike – whether it’s water being blasted out from a body of water or a fountain of water coming from a sculpture. It could even be something more modern such as rustic pipes or a cauldron, or even the slow trickle of an ornamental stone on stone fountain.  Fountains have the potential to completely change the atmosphere of your lawn-landscape. Choose a fountain that fits the overall theme of your landscape, and it can serve as a magnificent centerpiece or a more subtle fixture in your backyard.


Waterfalls, though nearly always used for their calming sound and pleasant appearance, can serve a variety of purposes. They can be used in a modern swimming pool or spa to add elegance,or they can connect multi-level ponds. They can even be used on their own simply to add that lovely sound to make your landscape a place of peace.


Ponds are a backyard (or front yard) favorite because they look and feel natural, but you can actually plan them however you want. Whether you decorate its border with natural-looking stones or decorative figurines, ponds make a lovely finishing touch to your beautiful yard.

If you add plants to the border or coming out from the pond itself, it will have the effect of a “hidden gem,” making a person feel like they have just stumbled upon something beautiful. Natural limestone rocks around the edge are a great way to structure your pond without taking away from its natural beauty.

To koi or not to koi? That is the question. Ponds are beautiful with or without these vibrant fish, but they can really add an element of mystique. They do require consistent upkeep, however, so make sure you know what you’re getting into before plopping some fish into your pond.

Swimming Pools

If you’re planning on installing a swimming pool into your backyard, there are a number of elements you will need to consider. Do you want it to be the centerpiece of your landscape, or would you rather it be slightly off to the side? If you have an in-ground pool you can better have it fit your overall backyard theme – if it’s above ground, it becomes the theme. Just make sure you plan accordingly (and are prepared for the amount of maintenance a swimming pool requires).


If you would like somewhere to bathe but aren’t prepared for a full-sized swimming pool, a spa might be the way to go. These small hot tubs can easily be incorporated into your landscape theme. For instance, if you are going for a more modern look, consider having an in-ground spa that has a smooth waterfall gliding into it, with lights lighting it up from inside. This will add a cool, contemporary atmosphere for night time dips.

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