shutterstock_16660516People have enjoyed the numerous benefits of gazebos since ancient times in history. From the United States to Asia, Greece and Egypt, they have been used for many reasons, including:


  • a beautiful addition to a garden
  • a peaceful place for meditation
  • a part of temple worship
  • reading
  • a romantic evening outdoors
  • an opportunity to feast your eyes on beautiful natural landscaping


Those who have the pleasure of experiencing a gazebo, know it is worth making the effort to add this feature to your outdoor living area. When you decide to get a gazebo, you must think about the style, size, color, and where you are going to put it. This is important because you want everything to fit and blend well with the way your entire garden looks.


Outdoors, But Protected

Gazebos truly are a nice way to escape the direct heat in the summer time, while enjoying the weather simultaneously. You have quite a few options with your gazebo, including getting it screened in to ward off mosquitos. You can pick different types of wood, pointed tops, have it covered with flowers, go for the country cottage look, or whatever your creative mind can conjure up!


Location (and atmosphere) matters
You can accent your gazebo by planting flowers all around it. Don’t be afraid to do more! Have your gazebo face a pond, lots of trees, flowers, or have it poolside. Many gazebo lovers have waterfall displays in their backyard that creates quite the scenery. You can even hang all kinds of things inside your gazebo to create the exact effect you are looking for.

 Create Your Escape

Be sure to take your time and select the perfect furniture to compliment your gazebo, and create a very comfortable outdoor experience. Taking the time to relax in your gazebo with a glass of wine, and kick your feet up after a long day. It will definitely be rewarding.


This is your sanctuary. You can sit out there and watch the kids play, have a cool place to hang out and eat barbeque by the pool, or whatever your heart desires. Another great bonus of having a gazebo is the ability to chill and watch nature in action as the various animals play and listen to the sounds of birds chirping.


Your San Antonio Gazebo is Closer Than You Think

Imagine yourself laid back in your gazebo watching the sun rise and set, or basking in the glow of a luminous full moon. You are sure to have many quiet evenings that will help alleviate the stress from the week, and get you back in harmony.  When you are ready to create your escape, contact River City Deck and Patio today!


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