San Antonio Custom Arbors & Pergolas

An arbor or pergola is a great way to enjoy the outdoor areas of your home and spend valuable time with your friends and family. Arbors are popular in San Antonio, because that’s the whole point of living in such a beautiful area – to spend time outside. One problem many homeowners have is they don’t have anything fun to do in their yards.
It’s also difficult to shield yourself from the warm weather of San Antonio and present decorations or foliage. Arbors and pergolas give San Antonio residents solutions for all of these problems.

River City Deck & Patio creates customized San Antonio arbors to add a beautiful piece of flare to your front or backyard. The arbors are built from the best materials and help homeowners make an excuse to go outside on nice days. Play games in your arbor, or throw a party with tables and chairs and friends. Arbors are nice for hanging flowers pots or other forms of foliage.

River City Deck & Patio sits down with all of our customers that are looking for an arbor in San Antonio, and we figure out what type of arbor you want. Once a design and style is established we try to fit the project in your budget and assign a team of professionals to build your arbor or pergola.

What are the benefits of choosing River City Deck & Patio for your arbor or pergola?

• The arbors and pergolas are fully customized for your needs
• We use durable materials that last far into the future and include full warranties
• You have direct access to the team of professionals working on your arbor
• You can look at past jobs we have worked on to help drive your desired design and function
Arbors and pergola have various different functions, and it’s important to understand the different benefits of each type of arbor to get the most from your money. River City Deck & Patio guides you through the whole process to ensure your money is spent wisely and you receive the best service possible. We understand that building an arbor is an expensive endeavor, so we work day and night to turn your dream design into a reality.

Call (210) 823-3637 to get started on a professionally designed San Antonio arbor. Go to our Contact page to send us a quick email, or click on the live chat area on the bottom of the page to get questions about arbors answered quickly.

You are also more than welcome to come into our office and speak face-to-face with an arbor building professional. We have one goal when building our arbors in the San Antonio area: To make the area more beautiful while increasing the property value for homeowners.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us to have them answered.