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Homeowners are constantly cooking in the kitchen and providing food for people whether it be their friends or family. Residents in San Antonio are often stuck with large, beautiful yards with nothing to do in them. This really isn’t a curse, but why not take advantage of those yards by implementing an outdoor kitchen in San Antonio?

Combine the necessity for cooking and create a place in your yard that convinces people to move towards the outdoor areas of your home. River City Deck & Patio gives you high-quality outdoor kitchens in San Antonio that are fully customizable for the type of look and feel you want to have for your backyard. You have various options when choosing your outdoor kitchen. Many people enjoy the heat and comfort of an outdoor firepit, where you can roast some food over the fire and create a beautiful array of flames in the comfort of your yard.

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    What makes River City Deck & Patio the Perfect Solution for Your Outdoor Kitchen?

    • We have years of experience helping San Antonio residents build outdoor kitchens
    • You get to look at pictures of our past outdoor kitchens to help you make you design decisions
    • You receive personal service from start to finish
    • There are no hidden costs or upfront charges
    • The outdoor kitchens are created with quality materials and appliances
    • Each component of the kitchens include warranties for future coverage

    San Antonio residents enjoy our quality service and numerous options when it comes to outdoor kitchens. These kitchens are some of the most unique ways to increase the fun of your home. You get a chance to cook whenever you want in the outdoors. You also get an area to share memories with friends, coworkers or family members.

    Contact River City Deck & Patio today and learn how you can turn your backyard into a hybrid kitchen. Give us a call at (210) 823-3637 or go to the Contact page if you have any questions. We offer free consultations to get you started with your outdoor kitchen. We also have a nice gallery to give you visual examples of our past projects.

    You have a chance to transform your home without even touching the indoors. San Antonio is such a beautiful area, and River City Deck & Patio has a passion for making the residents in the area feel better about their homes. Enjoy the beauty of San Antonio with an outdoor kitchen, and cook up brats, burgers and other great meals with the help of a little flame. These kitchens also incorporate beverage containers such as refrigerators and any other customized items you can think of.

    River City Deck & Patio offers more than just outdoor kitchens, making it the perfect one stop shop for all your home improvement needs. Feel free to contact us about decks, patios, enclosures and more. We enjoy working with repeat customers and building strong relationships with San Antonio residents.