New Braunfels Custom Arbors & Pergolas

Looking for a cool way to enjoy your home’s outdoor areas while spending quality time with your family and friends? Arbors are very popular in New Braunfels because locals love spending time in our beautiful outdoors. Pergolas also add character to your home, providing a place to have fun in your yard.

Shielding yourself from the New Braunfels warm weather can be a task. Homeowners are also tasked with presenting foliage or decorations outdoors. Pergolas and arbors give New Braunfels residents solutions for shade and décor.

River City Deck & Patio is a leader in New Braunfels customized arbors. Let us help you add some flair to your backyard or front yard. We use the highest quality materials to create our arbors and pergolas, so you always feel excited about going outside to enjoy the weather.

Use your arbor to provide shade over your tables and chairs for a party with friends. Or play games under it, while enjoying hanging foliage and flower pots.

Here at River City Deck & Patio, we work directly with each of our customers, sitting down with you to figure out exactly what type of arbor is best for your New Braunfels home. We help you establish a design that fits within your budget. Then, a team of professionals goes to work, creating your pergola or arbor.

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    Why Choose River City Deck & Patio for Your New Braunfels Arbor or Pergola Needs?

    These are just some of the great benefits of choosing River City Deck & Patio for your New Braunfels pergola and arbor needs:

    • Our materials are very durable and built to last.
      Every pergola and arbor we install comes with a full warranty.
    • All of our arbors and pergolas are completely customized for each customer’s needs.
    • We work closely with you, showing you past design jobs to help you choose the best function and design for your home.

    Both pergolas and arbors have various functions and styles. It’s vital to your budget that you understand the advantages of every type of arbor before spending your money. River City Deck & Patio helps you understand the entire process. That way, you get the best customer service possible, while making an educated buying decision.

    We understand how expensive it is to build an arbor for your home. That’s why we work well into the night to transform your dream arbor or pergola into a reality.

    How to Reach River City Deck & Patio

    Call (210) 823-3637 to speak with one of our professionals about your New Braunfels pergola or arbor design. Visit our contact page to get in touch with us via email. Or go to the bottom of this page and click on LIVE CHAT to quickly ask any questions you have about arbors or pergolas.

    If you prefer to visit us in person, feel free to come to our office and speak with an arbor building pro face-to-face. Our #1 goal when transforming yards in the New Braunfels areas is to make your home look more beautiful while increasing its overall value.