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Having a patio and patio cover is essential for your New Braunfels home. Residents need a means to relax outdoors and share time together with friends and family. Building a custom made terrace and patio cover on your backyard produces a way to achieve this, while staying cool from the hot summertime, or winter’s rain. In River City Deck & Patio, we take the time to assess the backyard’s topography, ensuring that we can give you the best product we can build.

Is your home outfitted with a terrace cover and a patio? Would you enjoy spending some time outside watching the sun rise or drop from the comfort of your own backyard? We construct unique, custom designed patio and patios covers that will help you enjoy the place you reside and go through the outdoor way of life and environment New Braunfels has to offer you.

Have an present patio already? Does this have a cover? New Braunfels patios are not complete without a patio cover. New Braunfels has a hot climate, with summertime that are scathing. Let’s say you want to enjoy the weather, but you don’t want to become dehydrated or get a bad sunburn. The patio covers custom built by River City Deck & Patio help protect family and your friends from the sun, making a cool place to get off and enjoy the outdoors. Patio covers also work good for hanging foliage and decorations to create a unique look for your home.

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    What makes River City Deck & Patio the best option for getting a patio or patio cover?

    • We have more experience with patios than any builders in the area
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    • All of our rates are always affordable and flexible
    • We’ll setup a schedule to help you get a patio or patio cover within a short period of time
    • None of our teams change mid-project, helping us maintain continuity and quality throughout the job

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    We build our business based on relationships, and that’s why folks keep coming back to River City Deck & Patio. If you would like to contract us to your next patio or terrace cover, just ask somebody who has worked with us in the past. We’re certain you will not hear anything negative about us.

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    Get your free consultation, and take a look at our past projects to guide you in your own patio and patio cover design. Nothing is impossible for River City Deck & Patio, and we always look forward to a challenging job that pushes our creative limits.